ElementalFlow wants you to feel INSPIRED. Do you see the beauty in life? What makes you feel most in your power? Your self expression and uniqueness is what makes you, You. We encourage you to stand out, to be BOLD, to be in tune with the things you love. There is nothing more attractive than being aligned with your most authentic self. Why blend in when you are born to stand out? We are so passionate about the beauty of Self Love and Self Expression. We're here to spread a constant flow of positivity through our passion for art. Intuitively mixing nature, wisdom and inspiration gained from life and experience, I craft you unique, one of a kind jewelry from the Soul. My crystal jewelry is Powerful; it makes a statement. I believe that each piece I create will find its way to the one special person that resonates with my story. This is my passion and I want to share it with you. ElementalFlow is attracting a community of positive, grateful, like-minded souls to spread this Love we hold as far as it may go. Be apart of this uplifting movement and share our work with the people you love. 


Follow your heart, not the crowd.


Much Love,
Alyssa Puccio

Owner & Artist behind ElementalFlow