Amethyst Choker
Amethyst Choker
Amethyst Choker

Amethyst Choker

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For all of our Amethyst Lovers! 

This naturally beautiful piece leave you glowing from the inside out!

Our top selling Amethyst Choker is designed to let you SHINE. Our hand-picked Amethysts are of the highest quality gemstones we can find. I chose only the deepest, most purple Amethyst pieces I can lay my eyes on!

From my hands to yours, I offer you the most powerful choker on the market! Intricately handcrafted for our glistening Goddess's.

You're magical and we KNOW it.

Adjustable, malleable and ready to fit you perfectly!

Handcrafted exclusively by ElementalFlow!

Amethyst: “The Stone of Spiritual Growth”

  • Powerful/Protective
  • Higher states of Consciousness and Meditation
  • Cleansing powers
  • Spiritual insights
  • Overcoming addictions/blockages
  • Heightens creativity and inspiration

Chakra: Crown / Third Eye Chakra

Amethyst Birthstone: February