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1/1 Amethyst Crown Sterling Silver

1/1 Amethyst Crown Sterling Silver

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1/1 Amethyst Crown in Sterling!

This crown was designed and brought to life with the intention to celebrate the strength & beauty of all women - the courageous women who came here long before us and the women who who are here with us today. Through every challenge we overcome, we continue to rise into new level of awareness creating a world full of powerful feminine leaders.

As Amethyst is the crystal of spiritual wisdom, may this crown be a symbol & reminder to always honor our intuition with integrity. We are guided, protected & needed here to raise the collective energy together.

About your crown: Your crown is entirely adjustable via a chain & clasp method in the back. Simply hook the chain at whatever length feels comfortable to you; you have the full ability to ensure that it fits you flawlessly. Whether you like to wear your crowns tighter, looser, higher, lower - the choice is yours!

How to care for your crown: Store your crown in a cool, dark place to protect it from sunlight or moisture, such as the box we send you your crown in! 

►Sterling Silver ~ Our silver crowns are made with .925 Sterling Silver wire. This color is sleek, shiny and an absolute go-to choice. With sterling silver, the metal may slightly tarnish over time; this is how you know it's genuine! A little bit of sterling polish is recommended for the longevity of your piece. nickel-free.

Third Eye Mantra: I see with clarity & follow my intuition.

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