Labradorite "Simplicity" Pendant (3/$25)

Labradorite "Simplicity" Pendant (3/$25)

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Our handcrafted, unisex crystal pendants are unique and one of a kind! Wrapped effortlessly with love, time and appreciation. Our precious crystal pendants are the perfect and affordable sentimental gift. Show your family, friends or significant other that you love them by gifting a one of a kind, ElementalFlowCo pendant. 

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You will receive one beautiful Labradorite pendant placed elegantly in an ElementalFlowCo drawstring bag.

labradorite is believed to be a stone of transformation and strength. It is recognized for its stunning, high vibrational color schemes. Labradorite is known to heighten creativity and stimulate imagination. Wear this pendant around your neck to rise through your truest vibration.