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Opal Choker 14kt Rose Gold ~ made to order ~

Opal Choker 14kt Rose Gold ~ made to order ~

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Our genuine Ethiopian Opal chokers handmade exclusively by ElementalFlow are the most powerful way to amplify your natural radiance. This gemstone choker features 7 gorgeous faceted Opal cabochons wrapped elegantly in 14KT Rose Gold-FIlled wire.

How to wear: your piece is entirely adjustable via chain & clasp method in the back. Simply hook the chain at whatever length feels comfortable to you - whether you like to wear your chokers more tight or a little bit looser, the choice is yours!

Being 14KT Rose Gold, your choker won't tarnish and you can ensure that it will stay beautiful in the long run. To care for your piece, keep away from harsh chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning products. It can handle getting a little bit wet but it's best to take it off before showering. As Opal is a soft and precious gemstone, it deserves a little extra attention! Remember to take off your choker prior showering and going to sleep. 

Store your choker in a cool, dark place such as a cloth bag to protect it from sunlight or moisture.

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