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Angelic Realms : Opal & Moonstone Sterling Silver Crown Custom Made to Order

Angelic Realms : Opal & Moonstone Sterling Silver Crown Custom Made to Order

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To our Celestial Queen, this Crown is for you. How Divine it is that you have come across this piece🕉

Delicately, patiently and intricately handmade, I have crafted you the absolute most authentic representation of my being: The Angelic Realms Opal x Moonstone Crown!

Undeniably one of the most magical headpiece you can lay your eyes on, this handcrafted Opal & Moonstone crown will effortlessly enhance your unique feminine energy - naturally assisting you with radiating your exquisite power into the world.

This genuine Ethiopian Opal crown is flawless. I hand-pick only the highest quality opal gemstone cabachons I can source. This jewelry is made for those those passionate about self-love & self expression.

Your new crown is completely adjustable to ensure it will always fit you perfectly. Created with a chain and clasp method in the back, simply hook your crown together at the desired tightness. 

Featuring 14 genuine Ethiopian cabachons and 1 beautiful Rainbow Moonstone centerpiece. 

4 interest-free payment plans available at checkout, my love!

Custom Made To Order :) Have a question or want to hand-pick your Rainbow Moonstone centerpiece? Send me an email! I'd love to chat and help co-create your magical headpiece!

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