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ElementalFlowCo specializes in  handcrafted, unisex wire wrapped jewelry. Our pieces are truly one-of-a-kind; made intricately with love, time and appreciation for my passion. My mesmerizing art is created with high quality crystals and gemstones- bound to catch the eye of the beholder. Every single piece  jewelry is entirely handmade and  incredibly unique; found no where else but with ElementalFlow. This makes it so easy for our admirers to create a connection with our art. I believe in the beauty of handcrafted products and  love to be appreciated for the extra time and effort I put into every single item I craft for you. Intricately woven with immense patience and gratitude for my passion, my wire wrapped jewelry reflects precision and durability. Our natural stones and economical wire are sourced from other small businesses to reciprocate ongoing support.

ElementalFlowCo jewelry makes the perfect and sentimental gifts for those you love. The most inspiring part of ElementalFlow is the connection you make as you fall in love with your new piece. I ensure that each item holds a story and every customer will leave carrying a part of my journey home with them. Any item purchased with us here at ElementalFlowCo is strengthening and supporting the journey of an artist aspiring to make a difference in this community.

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