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ElementalFlowCo specializes in entirely handcrafted, unisex wearable art. Our pieces are unique and one of a kind - made intricately with love, time and appreciation. Our handcrafted, wire wrapped rings, pendants, tiaras & accessories feature high vibrational stones and crystals wrapped elegantly in economical wire. These pieces make the perfect and afforable gift. We provide a large amount of jewelry that appeals to both men and women of all ages ensuring a selection of products for each and every person. Every one of our pieces is a reflection of our time and effort. The most inspiring part of ElementalFlowCo is the feeling you receive when you make contact with our art and put it on. I ensure that each item holds a story and every customer will leave carrying a part of our journey home with them. Any item purchased with us here at ElementalFlowCo is strengthening and supporting the journey of an artist aspiring to make a difference in this community.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goesॐ

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