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ElementalFlowCo specializes in entirely handcrafted, unisex wearable art. Our pieces are unique and one of a kind - made intricately with love, time and appreciation. Our handcrafted wire wrapped pendants, chokers, crowns & accessories feature high vibrational stones and crystals wrapped elegantly in economical wire. Intricately woven with immense patience and gratitude for my passion, my wire wrapped jewelry reflects precision and durability. Our high quality selection includes a plethora of options- choice of stone, wire color, shape and size, and type of accessory.  ElementalFlowCo jewelry makes the perfect and sentimental gift. The most inspiring part of ElementalFlowCo is the feeling you receive when you make contact with our art. I ensure that each item holds a story and every customer will leave carrying a part of our journey home with them. Any item purchased with us here at ElementalFlowCo is strengthening and supporting the journey of an artist aspiring to make a difference in this community.

Be bold. Be passionate.

Energy Flows Where Attention Goesॐ

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