~ Community vision ~

We're on a proud mission to celebrate the Divinity of women around the world through our luxury gemstone adornments. We trust that our jewelry will serve as an activation ~ an awakening of the creative force within your soul that's destined to illuminate the Earth with it's sacred gifts.

Together we RISE.


Allow your inner creatrix to come to life by co-designing your most sentimental jewelry. Choose your favorite style, metal & gems to personalize a piece made just for you!

ElementalFlow is an alchemizing blend of Earth's timeless wisdom and a vision of the future. We transform fine metals and precious gemstones into empowering feminine jewelry. While each piece is hand-woven with love & infused with passion for our craft, it's our intention that each adornment is a reminder to the wearer of her inherent strength, radiance, & beauty.

Gemstone Bridal Adornments

Exquisite Bridal Jewelry for the extraordinary women. Immerse yourself in the luxury of being adorned in a gemstone tiara and let us help make your wedding day unforgettable.

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We believe our jewelry creates a union between the body & soul, awakening your spirit to a deeper connection to Self, unconditional love & a fully open heart.

As we welcome you into our community of like-minded sisters, may your chosen jewels be a symbol of devotion to your inseparable connection to Spirit & dedication to self-love. You are a Queen worthy of walking herself home to her natural state of abundance.

Our intention for you

Our intention is that you always & forever...

Remember your worth,

Act with love,

Stand strong in who you are,

Embody confidence,

and always honor yourself with integrity.

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Are you ready for your crowning moment?

Saying YES to the crown is saying YES to yourself... as an act of devotion to celebrate the woman you’ve become.