About the Aritist

My name is Alyssa and I'm the proud owner and artist behind ElementalFlow! As a passionate creative and entrepreneurial spirit, I've always strived to build a life full of connection, creation and freedom. As a result, ElementalFlow was born just after I graduated highschool when I was only 18 years old.

Shortly after my self-taught jewelry endeavor began, I channeled the designs that are now recognized as my gemstone crowns & tiaras. These are our most admired creations that truly set us apart from the mundane. Adorning women in a symbolic headpiece quickly became our greatest reward and motivation to stay on this creative path. The internal radiance that shines through a woman as she activates her next level of self-love with our jewelry is truly inspiring.

The history of our journey is quite unique, although our future is clear. From 2017 to the end 2023, we traveled the country to showcase our work at a variety of music festivals in over 17 states. Here, we connected with thousands of people per year, who we've been blessed to send home with a piece of our he(art).

However, in order to work more personally with women in the way we desire, I had to take a massive leap of faith for our future. In november 2023, we officially rebranded as a bridal jewelry company and retired our full-time festival travels. Now, we are fully in alignment with our mission to celebrate all that women are, and on their most special day.

We trust that our jewelry will forever remind you of your strength, wisdom, radiance & worthiness, and hope we'll have the honor to adorn you for your crowning moment.