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Abalone & Opal Water Goddess Crown

Abalone & Opal Water Goddess Crown

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Our beautiful 1/1 Abalone & Opal crown, designed for the Water Goddess. Bronze.

This July, we’re tuning into the frequencies of the water with our Abalone Collection. This sacred shell is imbued with the spirit of the sea, keeping us connected to the profound beauty & wisdom of the ocean. 

Meticulously crafted from the iridescent heart of the Abalone shell, every piece of jewelry from this collection is as unique as the Goddess who wears it. The beauty & elegance emitted off of this piece is something truly special; a feeling of empowerment that must be experienced yourself!

About your crown: Your crown is entirely adjustable via a chain & clasp method in the back. Simply hook the chain at whatever length feels comfortable to you; you have the full ability to ensure that it fits you flawlessly. Whether you like to wear your crowns tighter, looser, higher, lower - the choice is yours!

How to care for your crown: Store your crown in a cool, dark place to protect it from sunlight or moisture, such as the box we send you your crown in! 


All my love,

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